3 Things That Matter When Choosing Your Camping Gear

April 15, 2020

3 Things That Matter When Choosing Your Camping Gear

More often than not we usually just trust the camping gear we purchase because it came from a trusted source like a large retailer such as REI or Cabela's, however with a majority of campers shopping online where that 'trusted' in-person source may no longer play a part in the purchase it's important to set some ground rules for a few things that matter when purchasing your camping gear.

First and most obvious is QUALITY. Look for durability and material specifications that show it will last the test of time. Confirm if the product has a lifetime or long-term warranty which lends a lot of credibility to the product's overall quality and the trust that the manufacturer has in the products they create.

Second and less obvious is DESIGN. Although the color or pattern on the product is still important to all of us, we're talking about the actual product design in terms of function, simplicity and weight. Design for function meaning does it do the job it's supposed to do. Design for simplicity meaning it doesn't take significant effort on the user to achieve the desired results (for example, setting up a tent shouldn't take an hour or blowing up a sleeping pad shouldn't take all your energy). And design for weight or more specifically lightweight. Thinking about packing in and packing out, carrying those products long distance and weight becomes incredibly important.

And last but easily one of the most important is COMFORT. Does your camping gear help you rest and relax?  At the end of the day, you're spending time in the outdoors to relax and anything that takes away from that will take away from your entire trip so don't trade your comfort for anything else. In fact, we would argue that your comfort might be the most important one here and if you find your products provide that then you'll usually find they also are high quality with good design too.

Design, quality and comfort are the three areas that guide us here at Compass Outdoors in creating and curating the outdoor products we featured on our website.

What is the most important feature or attribute you search for when purchasing camping gear? Let us know in the comments!